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To ensure that growing puppies and younger dogs, as well as pregnant bitches

 and fully grown dogs receive the optimal intake of minerals,

a balanced diet containing proteins and mineral must be guaranteed.

It is thus extremely important that the protein contained within,

as a means of transport for the minerals, is not destroyed.

Luposan Biomineral contains only mineral and organic substances

 - in particular freeze-dried proteins needed for the formation and

maintenance of the bone substance in dogs of all ages - as natural, biologically active ingredients.

Meeting the daily mineral requirement (which changes depending on the age)

 is highly important for dogs in the growth stages.

The unique freeze-dried protein in
Luposan Biomineral from molluscs and calf bones ensures that minerals such as

calcium, magnesium, sodium etc. can be absorbed directly through the intestinal wall.

This also ensures that the minerals needed for the formation of bones are provided throughout

the entire body and that they are stored in the skeletal structure.

Pregnancy, suckling period, growth period for puppies and young dogs
The mineral requirements rise continuously in the final stage of pregnancy and suckling,

 and an insufficient supply can lead to severe health problems in bitches and puppies.
Luposan Biomineral help the daily requirements to be met, thus preventing

the body from drawing upon its own mineral reserves.

The result of failing to provide mineral suitable for the animal - damage, including to the bone structure
An insufficient supply of minerals in dogs leads to a variety of disorders of the skeleton,

 in particular bone wastage. This means that there are less minerals in the bone structure,

so bone breaks can occur and teeth become loose.

Deformation of the bones, damage to the spinal column, hyperextended flexor tendons,

unstable walking patterns are not uncommon, particularly in larger breeds.

Luposan Biomineral helps here to prevent mineral loss and bone wastage in fully-grown and older dogs.


  • Calf bone meal
  • Freeze-dried mollusc protein from the Perna canaliculus
  • Freeze-dried calf bone protein
  • Cold-pressed sunflower oil
  • Silica


  • 16.50% crude protein*
  • 7.50% crude fat
  • 60% crude ashes
  • 20% calcium
  • 10% phosphorus
  • 0.45% magnesium
  • 100mg/kg zinc
  • 20mg/kg fluorine
  • 1.1% crude fibre

    * in freeze-dried form

LUPOSAN Biomineral
is available in 600 and 1200 g cans.

Age of the dog

Amount of food in g/kg
body weight

Up to 2 months


2 - 6 months


6-9 months


Over 9 months


Pregnant and
lactating bitches


Fully-grown dogs


Older dogs


  • Luposan Gelenkraft is a complex made of 100% active ingredients

    (meaning that all of the ingredients are aimed at providing nutrients),

    developed especially for the building up and strengthening of connective tissue structures.

    Why should we want to nourish joints?
    Joints are moving connections between two or more bone ends (epiphysis)

    with cartilage and joint spaces, all these constantly being lubricated.

    Muscles, tendons and ligaments provide the necessary stability.

    However, these connective tissue structures often tend to be changed for the

    worse due to factors associated with breeding, keeping and, of course, age.

    Particularly with age, the body loses the ability to produce enough chondral material,

    and the cartilage is no longer available to hold enough water in the joints.

    Mollusc extract from the Perna canaliculus is responsible for helping to produce chondral material

    by stimulating the production of active agents required for the formation of cartilage, and carries out other tasks too.

    Puppies and younger dogs can also display clear signs of pain and restricted movement.

    The optimised interaction of the natural substances contained within

    Luposan Gelenkkraft guarantees the highest possible bioavailability and thus guarantees:

          that the mother is supplied with the optimal amount of vitality nourishment in the final trimester of pregnancy.

          improved formation of connective tissue structures in foetuses.

          that the development of movement functionality and the formation of the auricle

    cartilage in puppies and young dogs are correct.

    This helps the ears of certain races to be more erect, for example of German Sheepdogs or bull terriers.

          an improvement in the quality of life, particularly in older animals

     that already suffer with connective tissue disorders.

          preventative effects in animals with weak connective tissue related to breeding and keeping

    Optimal nourishment + movement = Healthy joints


    Luposan Gelenkkraft Classic

    LUPOSAN Gelenkkraft original
    has been especially designed for stabilising connective tissue.
    Due to the high amounts of glycosaminoglycans and other
    important vitality ingredients, connective tissue structures such as tendons, ligaments,
    joint cartilage and intervertebral discs as well as the synovial fluid (joint lubrication)
    are stabilised and regenerated.

    Movement, vitality and performance are improved by using
    LUPOSAN Gelenkkraft.

    20 % mollusc extract (Perna canaliculus);
    Algae meal, malt mixture, gelatines, yeast,
    diatomite, horse tail, DL-methionine

    31 % crude protein, 2.3 % crude fat, 19 % crude ashes,
    2.5 % crude fibre, 1.7 % DL-methionine

    A number of other effective ingredients complete this carefully and

    gently prepared product free of animal testing and genetically modified produce.

    (1 measuring spoon = 10 g)
    up to 10 kg body weight - 1/4 measuring spoon per day
    up to 20 kg body weight - 1/2 measuring spoon per day
    up to 30 kg body weight - 3/4 measuring spoon per day
    from 30 kg body weight - 1 measuring spoon per day
    up to 70 kg body weight - 2 measuring spoons per day

    The stated quantities should be doubled in case of serious imbalances

    Available in 600 g and 1200 g cans

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